Type 50 HW PTFE

  • the best elastomer chemical hose there ever was
  • unparalleled
  • extremely smooth PTFE core
  • full Ohm/T conductivity

ferrutex® Mono 150

    • for hyperbaric filters
    • improves water drainage giving higher capacity and drier cake.
    • improves resistance against mechanical wear. No holes!
    • has slippery surface it is very easy to clean as well by snap blow system.

    Filters for the Chlorine-alkali electrolysis

    • Preparation of salt brine
    • Filter cloths, filter hoses, filter covers
    • Solutions made from PTFE, E -CTFE, PVDF

    Reusable screwing fitting

    • particularly easy to clean
    • optimized for clean room production
    • suitable for the self assembly
    • no special tool necessary

    SIL 300 PTFE

    • resistant to high temperatures 
    • extremely flexible
    • extremely smooth inner liner
    • optionally electric dissipative

    Smooth overlapping for filter ribbons

    • Junction point is protected
    • simple assembly
    • short style service life

    TYP SIL 200

    • the best hose for the pharmaceutical sector
    • non-toxic
    • temperature stable CIP and SIP cycles
    • hydrophobic (waterproof)

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